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A selection of views from The Real Property Division, including the latest static snapshots, with remote and local links to the live cameras.

Note: The cameras upload locally based on motion sensing, alarms, or simple timers. A script attempts to send the latest available snapshot the cloud. Since these transfers fail as often as they succeed, the date of the the actual upload is shown, which could be quite old.


Exterior / Weather Cams

Interior Cams

Cape Back Yard (local)
Cape Back Yard
Sun Apr 21 3:42pm;
Cape Front Yard (local)
Cape Front Yard
Sun Apr 21 3:40pm;
Cape Interior (local)
No Remote Access to Cape Interior
Sun Apr 21 3:48pm;
How goes the grapevine? Getaway Driveway What's Cooking?
Roslindale Back Yard (local)
Roslindale Back Yard
Sun Apr 21 3:43pm;
Roslindale Front Yard (local)
Roslindale Front Yard
Sun Apr 21 3:41pm;
Roslidale Interior (local)
No Remote Access to Roslindale Interior
Sun Apr 21 3:45pm;
inside 74
Sculpture by Bob Coon Hawthorne Street Anyone at home?

Cellar Cameras

33 Cellar IR (local)
33 Cellar IR
Sun Apr 21 3:34pm;
33 Cellar IR 2(local)
33 Cellar IR 2
Sun Apr 21 3:36pm;;
74 Cellar IR (local)
74 Cellar IR
Sun Apr 21 3:31pm;
cellar 74
Can never happen? The data center No longer a tributary of Lake Steve

Office and/or RR Cameras

74 Office RR Cam (local)
No Remote Access to 74 Office RR Cam  74
Sun Apr 21 3:47pm;
74 Office
74 Windowsill RR Cam 2 (local)
No Remote Access to 74 Windowsill
Sun Apr 21 3:32pm;
74 Windowsill (RR)
33 Office RR Cam 2 (local)
No Remote Access to Office 33 (RR)
Sun Apr 21 3:38pm;
33 Office RRCam
Neat as a pin The R&WDRR The R&WDRR summer home

Spare / Testing / Other Cameras

Sunroom 74
No Remote Access to Sunroom74  74
Sun Apr 21 3:49pm;
No Remote Access to Testing1
Sun Apr 21 3:31pm;
Landscape arts...


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